Fun, games and a bit of lunacy

Fun, games and a bit of lunacy

Having got into a muddle I’ve decided to split this update into 2 posts. This one will be a sort of diary and the other will focus on health / nutrition / training. They will of course overlap but it will suit me better!

So what have I been up to?

Oh, only the normal sort of things!
I’ve been ‘on duty’ at the prison for 3 of the last 6 weeks. As I’ve said before, I’m a member of the IMB. A ‘different’ sort of volunteering. Have a look at what we do you may want to volunteer! I haven’t got any photos of that to show you though!!!
I’ve been to Highgate Cemetery with a group of friends. Recommend it, the guided tour was interesting as were the tombs and graves, modern as well as Victorian. I really liked the house that had been built there, but not everybody felt the same! (Here’s a small selection of the photos I took, they will enlarge if you click on them.)
IMG_2951 IMG_2953 IMG_2956 IMG_2959 IMG_2961 IMG_2965
I marshalled at the North Downs Run (where I got covered in tiny black flies!)
IMG_9392 IMG_9396 IMG_9399
and at the Dirty Dozen race.
IMG_0784 IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0793 IMG_0798
where I managed to get only a little bit muddy!
Two very different sorts of races but both of them gave me the opportunity to shout! I used to be a very good shouter but I don’t get much opportunity since I left Deptford Green so I need to keep in practice!
The mud / obstacle races are great fun to marshal and I’m looking forward to marshalling for Nuclear Races
Talking about races, we entered a different sort of race this year. Dragon Boat racing!
Before racing team shotWhen you stop having fun
Renei and I continue to visit National Trust properties. We went to Polesdon Lacey, Chartwell,
IMG_3092 IMG_3145 IMG_8921 IMG_8922 IMG_9191
I’ve continued to act as a misper for the search dogs and I’m now thinking about joining Essex Search and Rescue. Right up my street as I love being out of doors and the unpredictability of what you may be asked to do. And night training
Des’s retirement
IMG_9637 - Copy IMG_9638 - Copy IMG_9639 - Copy IMG_9640 - Copy IMG_9642 - Copy IMG_9645 - Copy IMG_9646 - Copy IMG_9647 - Copy
7 years difference
Mountain bike National trials
IMG_9705 IMG_9710 IMG_9712 IMG_9728
Ray – scan, hypos
Westminster Hall Magna Carta trial
 IMG_9925 IMG_9923 IMG_9921 IMG_9916 IMG_9904 IMG_9903 IMG_9897 IMG_9896
Ray’s mum
 Wheelchair service, british Gas
I bend I don't break
Deadlift 75kg Deadlift face Row 2000 metres in 9-42-4


I was a “misper” on a three day man trailing seminar. Those dogs never cease to impress me!

And there’s always opportunities to do silly stuff if I’m left alone for too long!

Now I’m sat in a hospital bed pumped full of painkillers waiting to see if I can pass this kidney stone!









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