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I don’t do resolutions …….


Did you hear the scream?

I trod on it, with both feet and not holding on to anything.

Poor thing appears to have survived, although I’m not sure that’s necessarily a good thing.

What am I talking about?

The scales 😱😱😱


Now I’ve known I was going to have to do it.

I’ve known that I’ve been stuffing everything in sight down my throat. But I’ve also known that I will put a stop to it and that I will get my head together.

I’ve been targetless for a while and I haven’t been able to think of a new one.

I do best with big recordable targets as was proved by the 59to60 ones. I need ones that survive ‘bad’ weeks so that I can either plan for them in advance or make up for it afterwards.

Hang on, if I can do that with exercise why can’t I do it with food????

Anyway, last night it came to me …….

TARGET ONE – in 2016 I will walk 2016 kilometres.

These will have to be recorded by GPS (or on the treadmill, boring!!!) but can be of any length (that covers any recuperation needed.)

As always, once I get ‘the big one’ the rest seem to flow.

TARGET TWO – average three training sessions per week.

Now this is going to be a ‘fail’ in week one as I’ll be in hospital and I know I’ll need some recovery time hence ‘average’.

TARGET THREE – to be leaner.

I know what the starting point is 😡 But you don’t need to. I also know what my targets are and I’ll set myself various ‘key dates’ on the way. I am not going to be the ‘fat client’!

TARGET FOUR – to qualify as a search technician.

I’m already part way through my training. Sadly this op may interfere with the throw line training and even the initial search course …… but I’m hoping not!

So that’s all sorted out then

Today my nutrition’s been good and I blasted my program at the gym 😃  And I now feel better than I have in ages, strange that.

Tomorrow I have my final blood test and ‘harvesting’ in case I need some back.

Wednesday will be my last gym session and then I’ve got a massage booked.

And Thursday is operation day :-/

Now I’ve never had an operation or a general anaesthetic before  so I’m ending / starting the year with new experiences!

I started by saying that I don’t do resolutions, but I do do targets.  I failed at the final stage of the belt notch target, but I haven’t forgotten it and it would be great if, over the course of the year I could meet that too!

My next blog post will almost certainly be about my operation

In the meantime, Happy New Year everybody and get setting your targets!




This girl can …… And does!!!

I’ve just changed my profile picture on Facebook to this: 
I made this up a little while ago and it was used by This Girl Can, build displayed in shopping centres!
Now, though, it’s been more relevant to me as I’ve bent, I’ve certainly bent, but I have NOT broken!
It’s been a strange couple of months. I think the kidney stone episode affected me more than I realised.
My way of being positive is to drive forward through all obstacles blasting them out of the way to create a path.
Unfortunately when the path of any vehicle is muddy, with water filled pits and mounds of loose debris the strain put on the engine can cause it to start to struggle. If it is not given the right treatment it can overheat, burn out and stop working.
This happened to me at the end of 1992 or early 1993, I don’t know the exact date.
Ray had his stroke on 30/11/88, my mum died in August 1992, I kept pushing forward until one day I pulled the quilt over my head and didn’t want to come out.
So I know what depression is! I was diagnosed with ‘reactive’ depression, took some wonderful tablets that anaesthetised me until I worked out the problem (I’d lost ‘me’) and the remedy (find somewhere I could go on my own and not have any demands made on me, for me this was going back to doing my family tree).
Why am I talking about this? Because I was driving along recently, found my eyes had started to leak (crying is active, this was passive) and realised that I was on the verge of slipping into depression again.
People say that you cannot cure depression by telling somebody to pull themselves together.
BUT ……. you can tell yourself that! And, for me that is the only thing that works!
I had lost my way. It’s been a long haul with problems with my knee followed by the kidney stone to say nothing about the issues surrounding being a carer!
Ray had been hiding all the medical appointments from me. Once I found out we ended up with loads of appointments that I had to take him to and support him through. He hates things like that so it was not easy! It also meant I had to spend a lot more time at home :-/
My nutrition’s been rubbish, I’ve hardly trained, my emotions have been all over the place and I’ve been kidding myself about all sorts of things.
BUT …….. that doesn’t mean I have to stay there!
Reaching that moment was good for me! Time to tackle everything, I’m not good at doing a bit at a time!
Because I feel sorry for Ray, and for some totally ridiculous, inexplicable reason I feel guilty about his stroke (!?!) I tend to let him get away with stuff. There is a feeling (that I’m sure we both have) that we are stuck in this situation. Well we are if we want to keep living here but we do not have to and there could be alternatives! After I spelled that out very clearly there has been some improvement. Ray has even made me a few cups of coffee! Things are far from perfect but I gave toughened up and I’m not being quite such a doormat!
I talked the issues through with Darryl, personal trainers really go through it!, and we came up with a plan. He decided to give me a new program (if I’d tried to continue with my last one I’d have been fed up because I wouldn’t have been as good) but that it would only contain things that I liked!!!
This has really worked!
I never write my program in the blog but I’m going to just this once!
Dynamic warm up

4×8 bench press

4 mins rowing, 10 fast then 10 recovery strokes

4×12 walking lunges holding a ViPR overhead

3×20 kettlebell snatches

4×8 seated cable row

4 mins boxing ‘beat up the bag’

4×8 leg press

3×20 rope slams
I love it! Most are now being done with heavier weights / more reps or sets. Only shall problem has been the lunges, my knees are not very keen and I need them for my walking so we will be talking about this!
I’m alternating the program with walking. I used to walk a lot, but that stopped when the knee was bad. I’m now getting back into it though, but not in trainers, in substantial walking boots!
Well, as you know I’ve been acting as a ‘misper’ for the search dogs for about a year but I now want to take that a stage further and I’ve joined Essex Search and Rescue. Look them up on Facebook!

Everybody’s heard of Mountain Rescue, but people aren’t so aware of Lowland Rescue who operate over much of the country. Everybody is a volunteer but they undergo thorough training and have to pass an annual fitness test …… now do the boots make sense?

Don’t tell them but the fitness won’t be a problem, the first aid should be fine, but the navigation may be a bit of a challenge! Although I’ve always managed to achieve anything I’ve really wanted to do so it should be fine!

So, I’m tackling the issues, regaining control, the engine us purring nicely and I’m moving forward nicely 🙂


Oh. The nutrition. Hmm.

Well, it’s improving ….. maybe I can do things a bit at a time after all 😃

Fun, games and a bit of lunacy

Having got into a muddle I’ve decided to split this update into 2 posts. This one will be a sort of diary and the other will focus on health / nutrition / training. They will of course overlap but it will suit me better!

So what have I been up to?

Oh, only the normal sort of things!
I’ve been ‘on duty’ at the prison for 3 of the last 6 weeks. As I’ve said before, I’m a member of the IMB. A ‘different’ sort of volunteering. Have a look at what we do http://www.imb.org.uk/ you may want to volunteer! I haven’t got any photos of that to show you though!!!
I’ve been to Highgate Cemetery with a group of friends. Recommend it, the guided tour was interesting as were the tombs and graves, modern as well as Victorian. I really liked the house that had been built there, but not everybody felt the same! (Here’s a small selection of the photos I took, they will enlarge if you click on them.)
IMG_2951 IMG_2953 IMG_2956 IMG_2959 IMG_2961 IMG_2965
I marshalled at the North Downs Run (where I got covered in tiny black flies!)
IMG_9392 IMG_9396 IMG_9399
and at the Dirty Dozen race.
IMG_0784 IMG_0786 IMG_0787 IMG_0793 IMG_0798
where I managed to get only a little bit muddy!
Two very different sorts of races but both of them gave me the opportunity to shout! I used to be a very good shouter but I don’t get much opportunity since I left Deptford Green so I need to keep in practice!
The mud / obstacle races are great fun to marshal and I’m looking forward to marshalling for Nuclear Races http://nuclear-races.co.uk/events/
Talking about races, we entered a different sort of race this year. Dragon Boat racing!
Before racing team shotWhen you stop having fun
Renei and I continue to visit National Trust properties. We went to Polesdon Lacey, Chartwell,
IMG_3092 IMG_3145 IMG_8921 IMG_8922 IMG_9191
I’ve continued to act as a misper for the search dogs and I’m now thinking about joining Essex Search and Rescue. Right up my street as I love being out of doors and the unpredictability of what you may be asked to do. And night training
Des’s retirement
IMG_9637 - Copy IMG_9638 - Copy IMG_9639 - Copy IMG_9640 - Copy IMG_9642 - Copy IMG_9645 - Copy IMG_9646 - Copy IMG_9647 - Copy
7 years difference
Mountain bike National trials
IMG_9705 IMG_9710 IMG_9712 IMG_9728
Ray – scan, hypos
Westminster Hall Magna Carta trial
 IMG_9925 IMG_9923 IMG_9921 IMG_9916 IMG_9904 IMG_9903 IMG_9897 IMG_9896
Ray’s mum
 Wheelchair service, british Gas
I bend I don't break
Deadlift 75kg Deadlift face Row 2000 metres in 9-42-4


I was a “misper” on a three day man trailing seminar. Those dogs never cease to impress me!

And there’s always opportunities to do silly stuff if I’m left alone for too long!

Now I’m sat in a hospital bed pumped full of painkillers waiting to see if I can pass this kidney stone!









A day of two halves. 


I hate clothes shopping. This is nothing new. I’ve always hated shopping for clothes. Throughout my life I’ve always been too tall, & frequently too fat, to buy clothes. I’ve sorted out the too fat bit but there is nothing I can do about my height, and particularly my leg length. 

I will never wear anything with frilly bottoms, I grew up with my mum having to add bits on the bottom of my clothes to make them long enough. 

I have friends who can get immense pleasure from going to shopping centres, wandering round looking at different clothes (that often look identical to me) and trying lots of different outfits on. 

That is my idea of hell. But sometimes there is no choice 😦

My Nike full length training trousers have had it and I desperately needed some more. 

The standard length regular fit ones are available everywhere but I wanted the “tall” version. 

Rang the Nike store at Bluewater who said they were too small a store to stock them (can’t think why, loads of space in there). Asked where I could get some, they suggested Westfield. Rang there and was told they stocked them. 

So today I went to the station, bought a train ticket, to go to a place I would not want to visit purely to buy these trousers. (You’ve already guessed haven’t you!)

Not only did they not have the trousers that I wanted, they did not sell ANY extra long length trousers – not a single pair, SO WHY DID THEY TELL ME THAT THEY DID!!!!!!!

I was not at all happy! And, as the assistant tried to calm me down, things went from bad to worse. 


-Westfield isn’t big enough [It is huge with loads of space]

– bigger sizes are longer than smaller sizes [all fat people have longer legs and vice versa]

– have you ordered on line [check internet, not available]

– there’s a women only store in London where they can make things shorter [how exactly does that help me?]

Left there and went to Adidas. Same story but at least they knew they didn’t do an extra long option. 

I can only conclude that these massive, global brands do not believe that tall women train, although the staff were telling me they constantly get complaints about this. 

Come on Nike and Adidas, provide what your customers want!

Left Westfield in a foul mood. Total waste of a morning and the expense of a train ticket. I have tweeted about it, wonder if I’ll ever get a response?


Then off to the gym. 

There is nothing more likely to pull me out of a bad mood than a really good training session and this was a corker!

I smashed it, program 1 (out of 3) today. 

I upped the weight on all three of the first exercises, and then it came to Met Con 1. Five rounds of 7 shoulder presses with a 10 kg barbell, 10 squats and 20 single arm (12 kg) kettle bell swings. I have to try and be faster each time I do it.  

I did it! I’ve now done this program 5 times and look at the difference in the times. My max heart rate’s getting higher and higher and people are used to seeing me flat out on a mat afterwards. Look at how quickly it recovers though!

I am so pleased with this and the endorphins have restored my mood!

I bounced out of the gym and I’m still buzzing now, although, despite a good stretch, I am aching 🙂

These programs are awesome Darryl, Club One Hundred is the place to go 😃. Looking forward to program 2 tomorrow. 💪

Back on track – weeks 3+4

I’ve now completed weeks 3+4 of being back on track, so time for an update.

Week three went really well, I basically stuck to the detox for an extra week and I’ve been trying cooking and eating new things.

Training has been going well. I’ve got three programs which are all upper body and core with no cardio. Gill heaven!!!!

I went to my friends John and Dawn’s renewal of vows and to the party afterwards. I had a great time and I stuck to the plan!!!! Very proud of myself. After a few weeks of detox and eating nothing sweet putting a single raspberry on my tongue was an explosion of flavour. I am going to have to be very careful with fruit!

I’ve now seen the physio about my knee and she agrees that there is a problem. She’s referred me for an MRI but says the likelihood is that I’ll need a keyhole op. I was fine with that, whatever will make it better, although I was a bit taken aback after Googling to discover it was usually a general anaesthetic. I’ve never had a general and my family aren’t that great with them. Oh well, it will probably be a long time until anything happens.

STOP PRESS****Got a letter this morning, MRI booked for 13th September, Physio follow up booked for 24th October****

So I’m getting on with everything, no problems at all. Which is good because Darryl has pointed out to me that the thing I’m not good at dealing with is not being able to control stuff, and then it all goes wrong.

Our bathroom has been being converted into a shower room to make things easier for Ray. The guy who did most of the work has been very ill so hasn’t been able to come back to finish it. He finally came to see me last Thursday and said he’d get everything done on Saturday morning. Then on Friday he told me he couldn’t come and put it back until Thursday afternoon (today).

I could feel myself starting to get wound up as this is taking for ever. Ray gets really agitated about these things so I’m always having to do the placating bit when I’d rather have a little rant and get it out of my system …….. Off to the gym and channel it into my training, amazing how much lighter those weights feel when you’re wound up!

Starting to not have control ……..

Saturday I bought loads of plants for the garden, planning to clear and replant one of the flower beds and made sure I had everything I needed for our sports day on Sunday, always a good laugh.

But then, Saturday evening I’m walking through the dining room when I trod in a large, soggy area of the carpet.

Naturally the first thing is to blame Ray (poor Ray) but it wasn’t him (this time). Finally tracked it down to a leak coming through the wall and travelling across the floor from our almost finished bathroom!!!!!!!!!


Called out British Gas who came at about 9;30 pm, fortunately my neighbour and already located and isolated the leak. They arranged for another plumber to come and do the repair on Sunday. Got to love their service but bye-bye sports day ;-(

Still not having control ………

Saturday, the plumber comes and repairs the leak, but has to break up all the new boxing that had been put round the pipes to do so!  So the bathroom that was nearly finished has gone back a few steps ……..


Can’t control that …………

Meanwhile, I spent the day finishing digging everything out of the flower bed and replanting it. Really pleased with the results but wish I hadn’t stood up and cracked my head on the fire bucket, still tender 5 days later!





And I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge. Thanks Kelly!


So, as you can tell, week 4 has been a little bit stressful with lack of control.

So what does this mean to training and nutrition?

Training has continues to go well, the body adapts so quickly, I’m definitely getting stronger and I’m learning to put more emphasis on making sure that the form is right not just trying to up the weights. But I have to say that nothing beats the feeling when you up the weights AND keep the form. Happened with the bench presses this morning and I am still buzzing!

Nutrition is a bit more mixed.

Actually it has been quite good but as I’ve learned even more I’m getting to be more critical! Fruit, and dried fruit, have crept their way back in and I need to cut that back. I’ve also been eating too many nuts.

I haven’t been as organised about having lunch and I’ve found that not eating a proper lunch leads to much more picking in the evenings!

I have been varying the protein sources but they tend to clump together. Unfortunately that’s a bit inevitable as I eat healthily and Ray eats crap, so I tend to cook things that I have two days running!

Good news though, throughout all this disruption there were chocolate biscuits in the house and I didn’t go anywhere near them. I haven’t had any starchy carbs (oops, apart from the dry Ritz crackers I ate the night of the leak), sweets or cappuccinos!!! The detox seems to have stopped me craving sweet things, I now need to take responsibility for not allowing myself to ‘get the taste’ again or, if I do, pulling myself back into detox mode again quickly.

Sounds so easy when you write it down!

And the weight?

Well not a lot of change over the last two weeks. 1.3 pounds off in week 3, 0.4 pounds on in week 4.

BUT that means 10.8 pounds off in 4 weeks!!!!

Although I’m very happy with the weight loss, it’s not the most important thing.

My body shape is changing, my belly’s shrinking and my arms are coming back. If you need evidence zoom in on them in my ice bucket challenge photo!

How much difference can two weeks make?

All the difference in the world!!!

When I last wrote I was on the point of tackling my nutrition and saying how I had to get off some of the weight that had crept back on.

I got out my nutrition plan from Club One Hundred and really studied it, then decided to commit to doing the two week detox properly.

I’m not going to tell you what the plan says. that is part of their business after all, but I will say that it doesn’t involve calorie counting or weighing and measuring food. In fact non of the things normally associated with weight loss!

It is so true that, with almost anything, if your ‘head’ is not in the right place you are not going to succeed.

Finally, at long last, my head IS in the right place and I have followed the plan to the letter as well as doing all my programs.

Last Thursday I trained with Darryl and told him that I’d lost seven and a half pounds! I have NEVER lost that much weight in one week!!

I showed him my food diary and he told me it was the best I’d ever done (gold star for me!)

He gave me some advice as to how I could improve it further and then we went through my three new training programs. Total happiness 🙂

Week two began and my resolve was as strong as ever. I have completely stuck to the nutrition plan, and taken Darryl’s advice on board. I’ve been doing my new programs at the gym and loving them.

I’ve found that I have changed ……. yet again!

Somehow, over the course of the last two weeks I’ve found that I do not feel that I HAVE to finish food. For the first time in my life I have been able to reseal whatever I’m eating and put it away for later. I’ve been varying the foods I eat and trying out new stuff.

I’m loving my food, here’s a couple of  examples:



Friends keep posting pictures of foods like this:


But I can honestly saythat I do not want it.

There have been chocolate biscuits in the house and I have not even been tempted.

I’ve been nibbling at food, rather than guzzling it, and found that I get fuller quicker. There are times when I have to tell myself to eat because I know I should rather than because I’m greedy!

Could it be that I am finally understanding that food is a fuel, not a comfort?

My new programs are awesome. All upper body and core because of my knee and no cardio. Happy times!

(Seeing the physio on Friday so I hope to find something out. Hope s/he doesn’t just say stop being a wimp and go and get on with it.)

I never ache, but these ones have really got me. Love that feeling.

Last Sunday I went to do the baggage for Ride London.

I was aching but it was due to be a rest day so no problem I thought.

People don’t half pack a lot of stuff in their bags! Steve and I had it off to a fine art though. Steve was on the lorry, I was on the ground and we threw the bags to each other. As always, as soon as I started exercising the eche went.

I am so proud to say that I did not drop a single bag! My throwing and catching have improved as well.

I had a great day but, as you can see, I did get exceedingly wet!

Although I was really wet and cold I did not stop to get a cappuccino on the way home. Every Costa in the South East is in shock at my change to green tea!


Oh, and my weight?

This week I lost  2.4 pounds , my belly has shrunk and I’m getting definition back in my arms.

That’s 9.9 pounds in two weeks!!!!

i’ve never lost that much so quickly before, after last week I wouldn’t have been surprised to see no change.

It has NOT been hard, I’ve had no cravings at all.

I can do this and I will do this!

And, as always, remember that if I can, so can you!

BTW this is not and advertising feature but if you want to have a look at Club One Hundred and what they do go to:


There’s free stuff there and lots of people’s stories.

They train people all over the country, and abroad as well! I can’t recommend them enough!

It was all going so well ……..

I’ve been following my training schedule, covering all of the distances (mainly fast walking rather than running). I’ve also been doing my gym programmes, getting the cross training in.


If it’s written in black I’ve done it!

As I’ve told you, I’ve had problems with the soles of my feet but I’ve now found Boots do very attractive self adhesive felt pads that are really thick and my feet are fine when I’m wearing them. So, as long as there isn’t a sudden shortage of them that problem’s solved.

I was getting on fine. OK, some days I was more motivated than others, but it wasn’t too difficult to make myself get out there, even on the cold and wet days.

I came across Virtual Races on Facebook. Brilliant idea, you pay £5 to enter (5km, 10km or half marathon) and do the race whenever you like during the time period. You then send them proof you’ve done it and your time and they send you a medal. AND at least £2 of your entry fee goes to that month’s charity. For someone like me who loves a medal they really he’ll with the motivation!

So, it was all going great and then …….. I lost all my oomph.

About two and a half weeks ago I started to feel really tired and unmotivated, I couldn’t work out what was wrong, tried to push myself but, unusually for me, mind over matter was not working.

I went to training with Darryl and we talked about it and agreed that I’d take a few days off and set a start date so I wouldn’t just drift. We did some training and I just wasn’t with it. At one point I had to go outside and get some air, by the end I was sweating buckets and I was exhausted.

Now I could say that this was because, for some reason only known to him, he set me burpees. I’ve been training with Darryl for about 5 years and we both know I don’t do burpees. I struggled through them (more like a prolonged dribble without a burp in sight), very embarrassing.

And I know what exhaustion from working hard is …….  see where it says 300 reps on the record? The second time I did that I ended up lying on the floor of the gym, shaking like a leaf, not caring if people stepped over me, until my heart rate returned to normal. These graphs show my heart rate the first two times I did it!


That was nice knackered, the other one wasn’t!

Back home I went, early night and the next morning I awoke to a stinker of a cold. So that’s what it was all about!

That was 11 days ago and I’ve just been feeling really rough since then.

We’d agreed I start back by Tuesday. I still felt rough but thought I’d give it a go in case it was my head resisting rather than my body. I set off and gently walked a 5 km loop and I was exhausted! Hmm.

Thursday I felt a bit better so decided to push it. Set off and did 17.6 km but, when I saw a bus that was going to Basildon, outside Southend hospital I decided I’d had enough! I asked the driver if he was going to Hadleigh, unfortunately not, so I asked where he was going. When he said Rayleigh I jumped on and went upstairs, he must have thought I was mad. I haven’t been upstairs on a bus for years and years. Very exciting!

Friday I tried to do my program but it wasn’t going to happen. Did my half hour mobility warm up then 100 kettle bell snatches with the baby (8kg) kb and called it a day.

The weekend was devoted to fun! My sister in law’s 50th birthday party! It was a fantastic night (went on until gone 4!) and great fun was had by all.

I now have a new injury though, caused by a pair of Jimmy Choo’s!

Jimmy Choo's

Anybody who knows me will not need to be told that I was not the one wearing them, and if I had been the situation would be even worse!

No my petite, skinny, almost weightless sister in law was wearing them. She fell over, raked my foot with her heel which then plunged itself into my toes ….. it hurt ….. a lot!


Still, that was yesterday.

Today I got to the gym. Although unenthusiastic I made myself do the long warm up, the 300 reps (admittedly with more rests) and a long stretching session.

I did it and that feels good.

Tomorrow the plan is to get out there and do 36 km ……. in my loosest trainers hoping they don’t press on the bruises.

Two weeks to my birthday and the Spitfire 20.

The London Marathon is getting closer and closer …..

P.S. Just a reminder that I’m raising money for Havens Hospices. The children’s hospice is between my gym and my brother’s house so it’s very local to me and a really good cause. If you could donate anything at all, every £1 helps, please go to:



I got a place!!!!


OK, the picture is way too big, but so is the challenge!

Let me start by making it clear that I am not a runner. Let’s face it, I’m not an anything!

But I am incredibly bloody minded and, if I decide that I’m going to do something I WILL do it!

I have a lot of friends who are runners, I know how much people want to get a place in the London Marathon and, on my second attempt, I am one of the lucky ones. 

I also need to say how irritated I get by people who apply for places on a whim, get them and then either waste the place by not doing it, do no training or, worst of the lot, defer thereby taking places from others for 2 years.


I will train, and whilst I will undoubtedly walk more than I run, I will not disgrace myself!

Rewind, rewind, rewind.


This year’s target!!!

Now obviously it’s going to be April to April now and, before any smart arse makes a comment, I had never heard of an Ultra at that point and if anybody suggests one I shall put my fingers in my ears and sing la la la very loudly!

I’ve done:

  • The Westminster Mile 
  • Sweatshop at Bluewater 4K 
  • BUPA 10K
  • British 10K
  • The Sumo run – 5K


I’ve just done The Royal Parks Half Marathon and have to say that, out of all the different things I’ve done so far, that’s the thing I’m most proud of.

I’d completely forgotten about it, I booked all the races months ago. I remembered I’d entered the Great South Run and thought, oh well, I’ve got 6 weeks. But when I started to plan my training I discovered it was 3 weeks to the half marathon!

I’d done no running (such as it is) for ages, and no distance walking either. So, what to do? Cancel? Wimp out?

No way!!!

Hit those roads!

And I did it.

Image       Image


And, out of all the things I’ve done, I think this is the one I am most proud of 🙂


So, The Great South Run is looming and a winter of training beckons before my biggest challenge yet.

On Friday I’m going to talk to Darryl about this (see what happens while you’re on holiday) and plan the way forward. 

I’m going to tweet what I’ve done every day as I know that will help me to stay focussed – I’d find it really hard to confess to wimping out.

Getting this place has also acted as the incentive I need to get a bit more weight off. It’s a long way to go carrying a shopping bag of stuff!

How am I feeling about this? The overwhelming emotion is excitement but then:





Small print matters.

Always listen really carefully to the exact words of any challenge. I suppose they are a bit like the fine print of a contract.

Today was the day where I had to evidence my progress in my random challenge to Darryl. So I parked my car at the gym and set off, in heavy rain, for the 6 km walk to ‘Club One Hundred’.


As I took these little beauties out of my rucksack I had to admit that it was the first time one of them had come out of the packet!

I tried to look confident and nonchalant. Well, actually, no I didn’t. Darryl already knew, as did many other people, that I’ve spent most of the last two weeks trying to master ONE ball! And that was using two hands!

My brother has informed me that that isn’t actually juggling and that the correct name for it is ‘catch’. Well, whatever it’s called I’m not very good at it.

My sister in law can juggle, properly, with three balls, or apples, or satsumas, and had shown me what to do ……. and I did have a go, more than one actually.

So the secret appears to be to start by holding two balls in one hand. Throw up ball A, throw up ball B, catch and throw ball A, catch and throw ball B. Repeat ad infinitum.

Here’s how it went for me:

  • two balls in my right hand, throw up ball A …. ball B goes too, neither get caught!

After lots of practice I progressed to:

  • two balls in my right hand, throw up ball A, throw up ball B, occasionally catch ball A, usually get hit on the head by ball B, drop my balls, squat or lunge to pick them up.

Now, I know Darryl. He is very keen on squats and lunges and he can disguise them in many, many different ways. Was this a cunning plan?

Apparently not! It really was the juggling that was the focus.

Ah, but remember what I said about the fine print. The challenge was ‘to try and juggle’. Well, I did try! And I’ve kept my balls and I will keep trying!

Then I was set my challenge for the next two weeks, back to fitness I’m pleased to say. OMG the old me would have never thought like that!

So, it’s a gym challenge to be done 3 or 4 times before we train next and my best time will be recorded …. for me to try and beat later in the year.

What to do?

Gym Challenge

Row 1000m
DB squat to press @4kg x20
Bike 2000m
KB walking lunges @2x8kg x1 lap
X-trainer 500m
Assisted Pull ups @ 70kg x 20
Treadmill 1500m

Total Time =

On top of my program, and my walking etc. Love it!!!!

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