Don’t let people like this stop you training!

I was out again today, doing those steps,


when I met the pervy little man again.

Not sure if I’ve told you about him before. This is the third or fourth time I’ve come across him and, quite frankly, I’m getting a bit fed up with him!

He’s come up to me on the steps and followed me around the roads and usually staring at my bottom. On one occasion he kept stopping to get me walking in front of him, then I’d stop until he passed me.

Today he came up to me at the bottom of the steps, leering, he pursed his lips and was staring me up and down.


Getting eye contact I said, very loudly and clearly, that he had better be very sure about what he was doing.

His eyes dropped to the ground, he walked past me and off up the steps and across the cliffs.

I’d say he’s in his late 40s (but I’m a rubbish judge of age). He’s about 5’6″ to 5’8″, has grey balding hair and wears glasses. Today he was wearing dark jogging pants and a dark knitted cardigan. When I’ve seen him before he’s been wearing light grey jogging pants and sweatshirt.

I think he may live very close to the cliffs.

I took a photo as he was leaving!


People like him get their kicks by trying to scare and intimidate. Well I’m neither!

Later in the afternoon I rang the police and reported the incident. If this has happened to me 3 or 4 times it must have happened to other people. I’m not frightened but others may be.

We all have the right to go out and walk, run, climb steps, whatever, without having to worry about silly little people like him.

He’s far more frightened of me than I am of him, and so he should be. I’ll get a better photo next time and pass that on to the police too.

Please don’t be scared to go out and exercise.

If you’re worried stick to busy areas where you know other people will be about. Be aware of who is around you, don’t block out all sounds by having loud music playing in your ears. If you see something you’re not comfortable about, change route and avoid it.

Think about doing some form of personal protection training.

If you look confident people will believe you are confident. Keep your head up and go out there and enjoy it.

Report anybody like this ……. they can then choose to behave and enjoy the open spaces, or not ………..

5 responses to “Don’t let people like this stop you training!”

  1. Good for you, glad you reported him becauae it’s mildly amusing the first time but totally unacceptable now. It may start with just looking but who knows how he will get his kicks in the future, horrible man.


    • Sorry you’ve got this to contend with Gilly. If you let the police know when you are likely to be there, they might well be happy to arrange to have a car in the area for a few days; they can be remarkably helpful.

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