My birthday was ……

…… great!!!

I had a lovely day!

Started with an extremely fast journey to Bluewater for the 4k (hoping I don’t get any extra post this week :-/) where Claire led over 30 runners in singing ‘happy birthday’ to me!

Then I joined in the run. Did you notice the careful choice of words? I was there and I weent round the course. The base data for this year has been set! It wasn’t my fastest time, but it wasn’t my slowest either …… so it could go in either direction in the future!

The it was coffee time, the best bit 🙂

Now, I am not the most observant person in the world and, when I arrived at Coffee Republic I was looking for a place to sit and happily grabbed the empty place that was facing me. 



Only I could fail to notice the banner and balloons! I had no idea they were there until about an hour later!

I have got to thank all of the BW 4K group for making me feel truly loved and spoiled! You are all such lovely people and I am so glad that I got to know you all, it’s worth getting up at such a ridiculous time on a Saturday!

I’m not going to do individual thanks here, but please, all of you, you know what I think! x

This was followed by a complete pampering session at the gym, two and a half hours of treatments! Thank you Becky (told you you’d get a mention!), I was so relaxed afterwards I could hardly walk!

Then I had some family time 🙂 before going home to a delicious meal, & champagne, with Ray …. and a chance to go through the squillion messages on Facebook etc.

Thank you everybody. xxxxx

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