Thoughts and memories

Strange how some things start you thinking or spark off memories.

There have been a few examples recently.

Firstly the sumo suit. Now, if you’re thinking what the hell is she on about, you’ve not been keeping up with my blog. Pop back and read the previous post then come back here.

As I was saying, the sumo suit. Ray loves it and got me to wear it to show the neighbours when they returned from holiday. So I put it on, sealed up the wrists and ankles far more effectively and swelled, and swelled, and swelled. Then I set off for next door, squeezing myself through the doorways.

When I got out on the patio I had to step down into the garden, but I couldn’t see down. Then I remembered, this is what life used to be like when I was fat. I could not see my feet (or the ground!) when I lay in bed I could not see my feet over, or round, the huge belly that rose up from under the covers. Now when I lay in bed all I see is two small mounds that are my feet and I have very small feet (for a very tall person)!

I must not forget!

The sumo suit came up last Friday too. Des, who I used to work with had a party on a Thames riverboat for his 60th birthday. Great fun to be back with all the people I used to work with and do some catching up. Of course I was showing the sumo photo and my two closest work friends, completely independently of each other, took one look at the photo and said “Well that’s just what you used to look like!” And they were right. I must get those old clothes out of the loft!

Nice that, whilst we have all got older the general consensus is that I’ve got younger. Shows how bad I was!!

I must not forget!

Going back to the party. Des did the same thing for his 50th and 55th birthdays.

When he was 50 (so was I!) I was big but waddled my way down to the boat and coped out on deck smoking my way through the night.

When we were 55 I was huge, could hardly walk, struggled down the gang plank with my stick, had to be helped onto the boat and spent a lot of the evening worrying about how I’d get off. Impossible to enjoy myself.

Now we are 60 and I had no problem with the gang plank, jumped confidentially onto the boat, had no trouble moving around then RAN up the steep gangplank (the tide had gone out) just because I could!!!

I must not forget!

Then, tonight, I was reading the Club One Hundred Accountability Group on Facebook.

I read about how somebody felt about gyms and joining them and it took me right back!

I only joined the gym for the spa pool. Told the person taking me round there was no point in showing me the gym floor as I would never go there.

Although I’d paid for an hour of training with Darryl as part of a deal with treatments (that I did want) I avoided him and he really had to work hard to get me to do it.

I discovered that the gym wasn’t a scary place. I might have been the biggest, most incompetent person up there but it didn’t matter because people were so busy doing there own thing that they didn’t notice! Nobody was staring at me, they were too busy avoiding being stared at themselves (with a few that were desperate to be watched!)

But look at what’s happened. The gym has become my sanctuary. Exercise has become my release and, thanks to Darryl, I’ve learned that I can do stuff. Loads of stuff. Bigger and heavier stuff every day!!!!

I must not forget!

No, my life is not perfect. In fact at times it can be bloody awful! But most of the time it is good. Actually, it is more than good!

I can do more now than I have EVER been able to do!

I know my strengths whereas before I could only see my weaknesses.

I know that only I decide what way my life is going to go.

I WILL drive the bus, it would be easier if I didn’t have to go over so many speed bumps but they make for a more interesting journey!

Have you ever seen the film Pollyanna? Take a leaf (ha ha) out of her book and be thankful.

I doubt if there is anybody reading this who does not have things in their lives that other people would love to have!

You can improve your life. I have improved mine, but …….


13 responses to “Thoughts and memories”

  1. Wonderful Gill! You’ve made me weep, but with sort of happy tears, because you’ve helped me to think about how far I have come. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for an (again) inspiring and motivating post!!!
    I will not forget. And I am Grateful. I often feel that I’m rubbish at this or rubbish at that, some things never go to plan, I’m not in control etc. But I know I have wonderful people in my life. I will not forget.
    My family and I are in good health and we have a relatively comfortable life. I will not forget.
    And I know I can now do things I’d never dream of doing 10 or 15 years ago! I will not forget.
    I want to bottle that feeling and grow older and feel grateful. 🙂

    Thank you for being here Gill (and thanks for taking the time to write your blog!)! xxxx

  3. & you will remember. You’re doing a fab job & I’m so happy that you’re happy. I was reminiscing about us all living in the flats to my friend today. About Betty & Gary & Ray out the back & those Turkish people who lived next door, those were the days! xx

    • We certainly had some laughs didn’t we. But I think that’s cos that’s what we’re like! No point in being miserable!!!!! xxx

      • Or were they Cypriot, Cypriot i think. You’re right we are very happy people! xx

  4. Another gripping entry Gill – putting on that suit must be such a strange feeling. How would you ever forget the long and rewarding journey you have made?! You have done it, lived it……achieved the apparently impossible!! You exude positivity through this screen….always. I do feel for you so much when times get more challenging and vexing, but everyone gets those times don’t they? Knowing you seems to have provided the inspiration and strength to overcome them. Jen

  5. you are fantastic Gill, a real inspiration of how not to let life drag you down, keep up the good work xx

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