The next two blog posts ……..

……. are not going to be written by me. They were written by my mother.

My mum (well, actually she’s not just my mum, she’s also mum to my two brothers) was an amazing woman.

She was strong (physically and mentally), funny, reliable and, as are all our family, somewhat eccentric!

My dad had to stop work due to ill health in the early 1970’s and she cared for and supported him (and us) as well as working full time as a primary Headteacher.

Mum loved teaching and loved her job. She was a bit of a workaholic.

In August 1981 she developed breast cancer. Blogs didn’t exist as such then, but she wrote down an account of her diagnosis, treatment etc.

It was, effectively, a blog. And she did intend it to be read. So now I’m putting it out there! (It may make some of you who know me understand me a bit better too 🙂

The first blog is dated August 1981. When she wrote this she was 53 years old, 7 years younger than I am now!

Later on I will add her second one, April 1987.


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