5 days done.

Day 5 yesterday and I’ve met my first week’s targets, in fact I’ve exceeded some of them! Really pleased with that as my aim was to start strong …. while I can!

I’ve started writing entries for my blog a few times over the last few days, but on each occasion I’ve been too tired to complete them. So I’m going to try and do a mixed up compilation of what’s been going on here.

Got to start with the bike, sure you want to know about that. Got up really, really early on Sunday morning because the plan was to get out there before there were any people about, and it worked! I managed to zoom about the local roads, turning corners and everything without having to stop every few minutes. Did hear a few cars (which struck terror into my soul) but coped with that. As I was heading home for the last time a car parked at the side of the road started it’s engine …. I pedalled like mad to make sure I got home before it passed me! Pat (next door) and Ray came out to greet me, I’m glad I can bring laughter into peoples’ lives.

I’ve worked out why I’m having so much trouble with the bike, they’ve sold me a Ferrari when I wanted an Austin 7. I don’t want to go fast!!!!! Thinking of going back to the shop to get a bigger saddle, this (less terrified) ride gave me the opportunity to discover how uncomfortable the saddle was. Haven’t had the time, or the energy, for a ride since then, but I will soon.

Walking. Saturday was my usual Bluewater 4K. The plan was to get there really early and go round at least twice. The reality was strolling round half the course chatting to Dawn who was injured. This was lovely because I only usually see her heels disappearing after about 10 yards! Then we all went for coffee, for an hour or two! Lovely, thoroughly enjoyed the chat, but it didn’t get the distances done so, although it had started raining I made myself go back outside and do more. Walked a bit on Sunday and yesterday managed 19 km so very happy and target completed!

The steps. I’ve shown you the view from the top before. Here’s one from the bottom:

Now, believe it or not, these steps get quite busy. I am not the only nutter out there. As well as the people using them for the obvious reason (to get to and from the station) there was a man walking up and down carrying his bike (perhaps I’d be better at that than riding it), three men struggling with a large pushchair and an even larger dog (why they didn’t go down the road way ….) and two lads who were running up them (nowhere near as quickly as you do D.)

So off I go. Up the steps, round and down. Up the steps, round and down. Needing to pause to get my breath about 2/3 of the way up. A year ago I was running these. In a year’s time, I’ll be flying up them?

Anyway, as I was marching up with my little backpack I became aware of a man, with a large backpack, going up and down the actual cliffs parallel with the steps. He came over and we started chatting about what we were doing. He’s training to climb to Everest’s base camp in a couple of months time. I laughed and told him my challenges before my 60th birthday. He then called me a youngster and said he would be 70 this week. Respect!!! I’ve told him to write a blog.

Five trips up the steps and then I wandered off for a walk followed by a skinny cappuccino (my constant reward). Heading back to the car I decided to do a detour and added another trip up the stairs waving to Everest man as I passed him. I did another 2 sets yesterday and I’ve now reached the top of Canary Wharf!

Training. This is definitely the hardest program I’ve had for a long time. I’ve done this twice since my last blog.

Kettlebell swings are fine, make me work hard, but that’s the point!

Next is the deadlift. Managed to do them all, as I was dredging up the energy to put the bar back on the rack I told the young lad who was waiting that I was glad that was done and he said I’d looked very impressive! Like that!!!! Yesterday I got a passing man to put it back on the rack ….. there was only a high space free (well that’s my excuse).

Kettlebell clean and press next. I had forgotten how hard these are, once you get in the rhythm they’re fine though. Bruce Springsteen’s new album has a track called Shackled and Drawn which has the perfect rhythm, I’ve got it repeating three times on my playlist so as long as I work hard enough the music lasts.

Seated row. I was going to say that the hardest part of this was sitting on the floor, but that would be a lie, it’s only one of the hardest parts of it. The weight is 45 kg and until you reach a certain point it does not want you to sit down. I looked on the internet to try and find a photo but failed, so I got one of the women to take some of me doing it.

Yes I am wearing gloves. I know they are for wimps but until my hands toughen up and my grip improves I’m going to have to admit to wearing them for this and the deadlift.

Yes I have got bare feet, I always train in bare feet (except outside in the snow)!

Back to the seated row, looking at the photos I think I’m probably leaning back too far. My only defence is that this was at the end of set 3 and I was tired, will that do?

Russian twists. I’ve been surprised here. Sets of 20. I’ve only ever done sets of 12 before, but I could do it, and I did!!!!!

Rowing and pool lengths all done! I was tempted to make the River Thames part of my challenge optional as I thought I may have taken on too much (ha, ha, ha) but Darryl told me it would be the easiest part and, as always, he appears to be correct.

As well as these ‘long term’ challenges, Darryl’s setting me a mini challenge each week. When I train with him we will do the mini challenge and he will set me a task for the other weeks. This week it’s to:

Perform the static wall squat for 2:15 minutes

Have to admit to only trying it once and after about 10 seconds my feet slipped so ….. I went and had a cup of (green) tea, do you think I’ll be allowed to trade bike riding?????

6 responses to “5 days done.”

  1. look on Amazon for a “BigBum” bike seat. Got mine and it makes all the difference. Have you got padded shorts? Wouldn’t be without mine and some good ones at Sports Direct. I am exhausted just looking at your blog….

    • Who are you saying’s got a big bum???? LOL. They’ve got some big seats at my cycle shop, I’ll be tottering back there soon, I’ll have a think about the shorts. I really want to walk as much of this as I can so don’t want to make it too comfy!

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